Your quality auto repair shop, Winter Park, FL.

A quality auto repair shop, we serve a variety of makes and models through:

Identifix and Alldata are utilized in support of these services. Owner/technician Andrew Marinelli is a member of the International Automotive Technicians’ Network.

Our vision

Building trusting relationships through honest communication, quality-focused automotive repair, fairness in practice and kindness in action.


What does that mean?

Trusting Relationships 

We want to know you and for you to know us and have faith in us. Learn more…

Honest Communication 

We strive to be as transparent as possible by setting clear expectations and keeping an open door. Learn more…

Quality Service 

We are committed to lasting repairs and attentive service, as Henry Royce said, “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.” Learn more…

Fair Practice 

Everyone matters – our customers, our vendors, and our team members – so, we want to do right by everybody. Learn more…

Kind Action

Going the extra mile to care, not just for your vehicle, but for you and your family. Learn more…

How would you like to be served?

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