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Andrew Marinelli
The Mechanic

iATN - International Automotive Technicians' Network

Andrew is the Owner and Mechanic of Marinelli Auto Service. After completing a degree in music, with the hope of learning skills that would be helpful to his community, he went back to school and studied in the Technician Automotive Career Training program at Seminole State College.

Andrew has since worked in a variety of auto shops; his work history includes local independent garage and corporate dealer experience. He brings this variety of knowledge to his own shop seeking to build trust through quality-focused, professional automotive service, honesty in communication, fairness in practice, and kindness in action.


Bethany Marinelli
The Mechanic’s Wife

iATN - International Automotive Technicians' Network

Andrew’s wife, Bethany, is the Community Engagement Director. With a degree in Physical Education and English, Bethany worked in youth ministry for several years. She eventually found her way into a non-profit communications role and lent her support to Andrew as he launched Marinelli Auto Service in 2015.

In 2016 Bethany left her job to work alongside Andrew full-time. When their son was born in 2017, she scaled back her responsibilities so she could be home with him. Now she focuses on marketing and building relationships with the local community. She manages the shop website and writes the shop blog, From the Mechanic’s Wife, where you can find basic explanations on a variety of topics about the complex world of automotive mechanics.

Jonathan Fernandes
The Mechanic’s Right Hand




Jonathan is our Office Manager, which means he does everything he can to keep Andrew in the shop working on your cars and out of the day-to-day business operations. He comes from a background with business leadership, management skills and experience, computer programming skills, and great customer service skills, just to name a few, so he brings some much needed skill and leadership to the shop.

Jonathan’s wife has been a friend to Andrew and Bethany for many years, so befriending him was inevitable. His knack for communication and charming personality made him a fast friend and our families enjoy spending time together outside of work hours.

Mike Traher
The Mechanic’s Mastermind

iATN - International Automotive Technicians' Network

Mike’s experience as a mechanic and current pursuit of an Electrical Engineering degree lends well Marinelli Auto Service, working as Mechanic and Diagnostician alongside Andrew. His knack for diagnostics, general problem solving, and mathematics is a tremendous asset!

Mike and Andrew met in the automotive program at Seminole Community College (now Seminole State College) and hit it off right away. After working closely together in class, Mike and Andrew followed each other to different automotive jobs and found they worked really well together. When it came to hiring someone to work at our shop, Mike was a no brainer and the timing was perfect!


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