Why We Are Here

You may hear Andrew say that he only knows a lot about two things: cars and music. This is not a common mix, to be sure, but he holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from UCF and then went to Seminole State College for automotive technical training.

Meanwhile, Bethany was graduating from Albion College (a small school in Michigan) with a Phys Ed/English Education degree with which she pursued a career in youth ministry. This eventually led her into marketing and communications.

From service projects to teaching boys about vehicle maintenance, Andrew and Bethany love leading these kids.

From service projects to teaching boys about vehicle maintenance, Andrew and Bethany love leading these kids.

Andrew and Bethany met serving with Summit Church’s middle school ministry. Their first real conversation came late in March 2011 (Bethany needed some help moving, and Andrew obliged), and they were married on December 30, 2011. That same time period also included Andrew taking in two momma cats and their eight stray kittens, (you can ask us about that another time).


Andrew raised 8 kittens while he and Bethany were dating. (Yes, they kept one!)

Andrew found that finding a well-paying job in the automotive industry can be difficult. Making a living wage while holding high standards of integrity and professionalism can be even more difficult. What began as Andrew’s thought, “What if I opened up my own shop?” gradually became a more serious conversation. His commitment to quality work was a driving point to branching out on his own. Then in 2014, with Bethany’s support, Andrew began investigating the option quite seriously. On January 1, 2015, Marinelli Auto Service opened.

At first Bethany pitched in here and there with the website, writing the From the Mechanic’s Wife blog, social media, and a little office organizing. As the shop grew, so did her passion to see it succeed, so she left her non-profit job to work alongside Andrew full-time.

Andrew - Working on a car, Bethany - Painting the shop

Andrew and Bethany work together as a team both at home and at the shop

Andrew and Bethany’s vision for Marinelli Auto Service is grounded in building trusting relationships through quality-focused automotive service, honesty in communication, fairness in practice, and kindness in action.

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