We met David in December 2018. He had gotten into a collision and didn’t have a repair shop he trusted. His friend, a client of ours, recommended Marinelli Auto Service. In fact, this friend was also referred to us by a friend. We love clients who come by word of mouth because it usually means that they already have a little bit of faith in us.

Between waiting on the insurance company, sourcing parts, and giving our body shop time to properly do their part, it ended up being a rather long process. It became a little stressful because in the middle of it all, David and Hanna got married! However, David being the kind, patient, and understanding guy that he is, continued to appreciate our service. 

As we got to know him and his soon-to-be wife, Hanna, we found out a little bit about their story. It turns out that Hanna was looking for a job and I happen to be very connected in the business community. I sent her to connect with the chamber of commerce I’m a part of and she got a job! Not long after, David also got a job at the same company. It was the right set of circumstances at the right time that put this all together.

They both work at Robinhood Financial. David is a Registered Representative, interacting with customers with support requests. Being the friendly people-person that he is, it seems like a perfect fit for David. Meanwhile, Hanna works in Asset Movements.

While they enjoy driving to work together, like most people in the midst of this pandemic, they are working from home until at least January. 

David has even greater aspirations for his career. This past semester he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University. 

He explains, “I have a passion for teaching, so I would love to be a teaching pastor at some point in the future.”

It makes sense, then, that he and Hanna are very involved at Action Church. They love leading small groups, they are on the prayer team, the worship team, and in the student ministry. It’s almost like they have second jobs, but when you are doing what you love, it doesn’t feel like a job. 

If it doesn’t seem like they are busy enough, they also enjoy being out and about. 

“We love to go out into the town in places like Winter Park. You know, walk around and maybe have dinner. We like to go to the beach sometimes on the weekends. Going to the movies when things are open. One thing that we really like to do is go to musicals, like at the Dr. Philips Center,” David tells me. 

They also love to travel, so it makes sense that having reliable transportation is very important to them.

David loves his 2014 Chevrolet Sonic. It was his first big independent purchase and wouldn’t change a thing about it. Compared to his previous car, which got only about 18 miles per gallon, his Chevy gets a healthy 32 miles per gallon. He says that it’s cozy and faithful.

For his next vehicle, however, he either wants a truck or a Honda Civic (because Honda’s and Toyotas are incredibly reliable. Just ask Andrew). He says that a truck would allow him to haul things without borrowing someone else’s, and more importantly, help others when needed. 

He and Hanna also really like their 2014 Jeep Patriot. It’s higher up from the road and is very spacious. It makes sense with all the activities they are involved in and places that they like to go!

Thankfully, David did finally get his vehicle back good as new after his collision. Despite the tough timing and situation that prompted his first visit, he and his wife have become faithful clients. They like that we take the time to provide as much information as they need to help them make confident decisions about their vehicles’ care. 

 He points out, “You’re willing to share what’s really going on. You share the details.”

Thanks for allowing us to build a trusting relationship with you and letting us serve your vehicles, David and Hanna!

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