Routine Maintenance

We can help you interpret the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle and provide guidance based on our own experience. We can help you budget and plan so that you can catch up or stay on top of preventative maintenance. 

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

A comprehensive inspection is a detailed inspection of your entire vehicle – top to bottom, front to back, we do a complete assessment of your vehicle. We’ll gladly show you our the results, and engage your questions. Results are organized by priority and include items such as safety concerns, mechanical concerns, routine maintenance concerns, and things to plan for in the future.

Heating & Air Conditioning

If your a/c system is not blowing as cold as it should be, whether due to leaking refrigerant or an electrical problem, we can find and fix the problem for you. We also routinely service cooling systems, and we are equipped to deal with related problems like poor heater circuit flow and poor heat output.

Electrical Systems

We routinely pinpoint and repair electrical system faults, all the way from poor battery connections and bad starter contacts to intermittent operational faults and pinpointing faulty modules (“small computers” if you will). We can fabricate new electrical wiring when necessary, and we do so to strict standards.

Oil & Filter Change

While oil changes are hardly the most complex part of maintaining a modern vehicle, proper oil and filter selection is important to maximizing engine life (and that can get involved!). Once in a while, we do oil pan repairs after a car is brought to us with an over-tightened drain plug. And we’re not into up-sells. We’ll inspect your vehicle if you ask us to, but we’re here to serve you, not to extract money from your wallet with services you may or may not need.

Maintenance Vehicle Inspection

Maintenance inspections are similar to Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections, but shorter and cost less. They can be tailored to your specific concerns as well as the vehicle’s mileage, condition, service history, and our own experience. They help to track the vehicle’s needs over time and prevent surprises.

Transmissions & Clutch Systems

Sometimes transmissions fail internally, and sometimes an external problem (or a problem that doesn’t actually require a rebuild) scares you into thinking your transmission might be faulty. Either way, we can do the testing that’s required to determine if a rebuild or replacement is needed. We also do testing and repairs on clutch systems and their related hydraulic circuits. In a service marketplace where some manufacturers provide (transmission) fluid maintenance guidance, and other don’t, we can help there too.

Engine Services

We offer a wide variety of engine services. We test, evaluate, and repair performance problems. We evaluate and repair engine compartment leaks. We routinely perform “heavy” repairs such as timing belt and timing chain work, head gasket replacements, and major upper engine procedures. We are also equipped to remove and replace engine assemblies when needed for service or replacement.


We replace, balance, and patch tires. We seek to install tires that run comfortably, quietly, and reliably for the long haul. This means that some brands we sell, and some we don’t! If you have a tire pressure monitoring problem, we can solve it for you.

Brake Systems

We service disc and drum brake systems and anti-lock brake control systems. This includes evaluation of performance problems and repair work. We can help you be confident that your brakes are working properly, and we can set you up for long-lasting, quiet, performance.

Steering & Suspension (Chassis)

We are equipped to pinpoint faulty (loose, broken, or worn) chassis components, and we can also pin down that strange noise that you’ve been hearing. We’re happy to advise on what needs to be done to make your vehicle as safe as possible, and we’ll talk you through what may be needed immediately and what can wait.

Auto Body, Paint, & Collision

We occasionally do in-house body work, and we’re used to working with doors, windows, mirrors, bumpers, lamps and such. However, we are not a collision shop, and for major post-collision repairs, we’d be glad to handle the sublet process for you. If you do not already have a trusted source for collision and paint repairs, we are able to stand in the gap for you, “talk shop” with the collision repair facility, and take part in providing you a quality result.


Ready to Schedule?

The best way to reduce the stress of having your vehicle in for service is to plan ahead and schedule an appointment in advance. We typically book 3-5 days out. We know that urgent, unplanned situations arise and we will work you in on a case-by-case basis. However, our goal is to focus on prevention so that you can plan your vehicle service around your life, not the other way around!

Ask Us Anything!

If you aren’t sure whether you are ready to schedule your vehicle, and would like to take some time to talk with us and ask questions, please consider scheduling a 30 minute consultation.

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