Budget Planning

Routine Maintenance

We can help you interpret the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle and provide guidance based on our own experience. We can help you budget and plan so that you can catch up or stay on top of preventative maintenance. 

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

A comprehensive inspection is a detailed inspection of your entire vehicle – top to bottom, front to back, we do a complete assessment of your vehicle. We’ll gladly show you our the results, and engage your questions. Results are organized by priority and include items such as safety concerns, mechanical concerns, routine maintenance concerns, and things to plan for in the future.

Maintenance Vehicle Inspection

Maintenance inspections are similar to Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections, but shorter and cost less. They can be tailored to your specific concerns as well as the vehicle’s mileage, condition, service history, and our own experience. They help to track the vehicle’s needs over time and prevent surprises.

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