Maintenance is important to keep your vehicle safe and reliable. By staying on top of your vehicle’s maintenance you are reducing the risk of surprise repairs. 

Routine Maintenance

We can help you interpret the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle and provide guidance based on our own experience. We can help you budget and plan so that you can catch up or stay on top of preventative maintenance. 

Oil & Filter Change

While oil changes are hardly the most complex part of maintaining a modern vehicle, proper oil and filter selection is important to maximizing engine life (and that can get involved!). Once in a while, we do oil pan repairs after a car is brought to us with an over-tightened drain plug. And we’re not into up-sells. We’ll inspect your vehicle if you ask us to, but we’re here to serve you, not to extract money from your wallet with services you may or may not need.


We replace, balance, and patch tires. We seek to install tires that run comfortably, quietly, and reliably for the long haul. This means that some brands we sell, and some we don’t! If you have a tire pressure monitoring problem, we can solve it for you.

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