Running a business is hard. Customer Service is hard. Working in the auto industry as a mechanic is really hard. Accomplishing hard things is very rewarding, especially when customers voice their gratitude. When things are hard at Marinelli Auto Service, two things keep us going: God and our customers. I want to take a moment to share with you just how much we value our customers and introduce you to someone you’ll likely meet the next time you bring us your vehicle.

Our Heart

Why work in a difficult industry unless you have something that drives you to keep on going? It’s in Andrew’s and my heart to serve others. We see vehicles as an essential part of life in the majority of the USA. Not having a car or truck can make it difficult to pursue a career, support your family, serve your community, or even get to pertinent appointments like the doctor. By helping you stay in a reliable vehicle while working with you with your repair budget, we feel that we get to partner with you in whomever you serve . That gets us excited! It’s why many of our customers have since become our friends.

This aspect of our business doesn’t just reside in the hearts of Andrew and myself, but we also make sure that whoever we invite onto our team shares our vision: Seeking to build trusting relationships through quality-focused automotive service, honesty in communication, fairness in practice, and kindness in action. That’s why in 2016 we brought on Mike to assist Andrew in the shop and me in the office. It’s also why we’ve recently invited the newest member of our team, Jonathan, on board to take over as the Office Manager. Both Mike and Jonathan get our heart and our vision for Marinelli Auto Service (MAS) and, therefore, value our customers with just as high of a regard as we do.

Who is Jonathan?

Jonathan comes from a background with business leadership, management skills and experience, computer programming skills, and great customer service skills, just to name a few. In just a couple weeks, Jonathan has jumped right in and already made a difference for our team and our customers. We are so grateful to have him.

One thing that you need to know about Jonathan is that he loves his family, including his wife, Sarah, and son, James, as well as another little one on the way this spring. He was a customer before he was an employee, so he understands what it is to be on both sides of the business. He gets what it’s like to find out how much a repair is going to cost and cringe a little and that’s why he wants to be in a position to serve you.

Andrew and I had been Sarah’s friend for years before we met Jonathan, but as an easy-going person, it wasn’t long before he became our friend, too. He was one of our first customers when we opened the shop. “I wanted to do my part in helping a small shop grow,” Jonathan told me when asked why he first came,”The first years, I only brought my car to MAS for the major repairs, but I would still go to other places for the minor maintenance jobs. As time went on, it became abundantly clear to me that MAS really did quality repairs and gave great service. It wasn’t long before my wife and I started bringing our cars to MAS for everything.”

With Jonathan’s excellent resume, we were so pleased when he accepted our job offer. He knew coming in that as a new growing business, he’d really have to own his position and work to grow his role here.

“I have worked for the fortune 500 company and the small mom and pop shop. I have managed businesses with 300 employees and I have managed some with just fifteen. The common thread missing in all my experiences is the fact that nothing beats a workplace where the leadership has integrity and the work is done with quality and purpose in mind. Just being a customer at MAS, I knew those two would be present because of the way MAS treats their customers and how they have made quality repairs their baseline standard.”

How Marinelli Auto Service is Growing and Changing

As I transition back to work after being on maternity leave, my priority is being a mother to Andrew’s and my son, Arthur. Having Jonathan on board helps me to do that in addition to bringing much needed support to our growing business. We are excited for the ways Jonathan will help us continue to improve on our quality of service and caring for our customers as we continue to expand and he’s excited to help us get there!

However, I’m not stepping away completely from the shop. Having Jonathan on our team gives Andrew the daily support he needs so we can continue to improve on serving our customers well. It also gives Mike the opportunity to maximize his time at the shop and not neglect his engineering studies, and also allows me to focus on my role as the Director of Community Engagement. I want to make sure our staff and customers are well cared for. I have made it my own personal mission to invite more people to be a part of Marinelli Auto Service so that our business is around to serve you for years to come.

Andrew, Mike, and I couldn’t be happier to welcome Jonathan to our team as we continue to grow!

-From the Mechanic’s Wife


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