Body: Strut (Hood, Trunk, or Liftgate) (May also be referred to as “Lift Support”)

What it Does

This component holds your hood, trunk, or liftgate open. Trunks and liftgates use two. Most hoods use two, but there are hoods that only use one.

Why This Matters

If these components function properly, they maintain open access without your having to prop the hood (etc.) open. This can be particularly important if you’re loading something heavy into the rear of your vehicle and can lift and manuever it more safely with both hands. This way, you’re not holding the trunk (etc.) open with one hand, or running the risk of having a prop fall out of place while you’re at work there..

Possible Problems

Complete failure of these components will result in a hood, trunk, or liftgate that will not stay open.

Partial failure or weakening of these components can result in a hood, trunk, or liftgate that unexpectedly closes. This poses risk of injury. (And please note, the hood or liftgate may be heavy enough, and move quickly enough, to slam shut!

Recommended Parts Brands

  • Manufacturer Genuine/Factory Grade
  • Sachs/Stabilus
  • We prefer factory grade unless the cost difference is severe, and even there, we want your better overall value for the long term.

Repair Notes

In most cases, these supports do not require a large amount of labor to replace.