Is Your Mechanic Treating You Fairly?

Fair is being told the truth even if it’s not good news.

Fair is clear communication.

Fair is meeting a high standard of excellence.

Fair is knowing you are getting good value for your money.

Fair is seeing actions align with words.

Fair is being treated with respect.

It doesn’t matter if your mechanic is great at fixing cars if you don’t feel like you are being treated fairly. I can’t count the number of times a person, especially a woman, has come into our shop with a tale or two of feeling like they’ve been taken advantage of by an auto repair shop. There are many ways people have been treated unfairly by auto repair shops but I want to focus on what being fair should look like. 


Throughout the process of your vehicle’s service, both you and the shop have expectations of one another. You expect them to be up front with you about cost, the service to be done and the timeframe it will take to complete the work. The first thing a shop should do is ask questions that help them understand what your expectations are. They should listen to you.

Throughout the process, no matter whether you are just in for an oil change or an extensive engine repair, the shop should communicate clearly what their recommendations are, how they intend to complete the work, and what the budget is for that service. This conversation should begin before the vehicle is touched. What cost should I expect for testing and evaluation? When will I get an estimate? Will my questions be answered so that I can give approval for the work with confidence?

The shop should update you regularly when the services take more than a day. You should know where they are in the process and they should be the one calling you before you feel the need to call them.


This is often a sticky topic when it comes to auto repair and one that is very important to most people. Yes, owning a vehicle and the repairs that come with it is expensive. This is why many people price shop when looking for a new mechanic. A fair price is about more than what you are billed at the end of your visit. I’ve written a lot about this important topic, so check out the links below.

A fair repair shop will…


An auto repair shop practicing fairness will do everything they can to fix it right the first time. They will have all of the tools, equipment, and resources they need to do the job right. A mechanic who is more than just a mechanic, but an automotive technician takes his craftsmanship seriously. They are constant students of their craft. 

A fair mechanic will take care to follow all steps and procedures to high standards without taking the “easy” way out. Auto repair is more than just “turning wrenches.” It’s about being a craftsman.

Are You Being Treated Fairly?

A fair auto repair shop will welcome your questions and take time to give you answers. They communicate clearly what your vehicle needs, why, and how they formulated the budget for the repair. Vehicle maintenance and repairs are one of your biggest expenses, so you deserve to be treated with fairness and respect. These are basic standards you should expect everyone to follow, especially your auto repair shop.

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