Dollars & Sense: 3 Keys to Smart Auto Care

We’ve all been there. The light on your dashboard comes on and you get a slight sinking feeling in your stomach. You’re busy, money’s tight, and maybe you’re just not a car person so dealing with the problem makes you a little apprehensive.

If you have a regular mechanic whom you trust, great! Even if it’s inconvenient for your budget or your time, at least you can be assured the problem will get fixed.

However, I’ve spent enough time scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed (oh, and being married to a mechanic) to know that a good number of people are asking the same question, “Does anyone know of a good local mechanic who won’t rip me off?”

I decided to tune into my husband and some of his buddies to help us answer this question – How do I know if my mechanic is giving me quality service for a fair price?

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