Understanding the Inner-workings of The Mechanic

Andrew is a resilient man – not impenetrable, but very humanly resilient. He commits to a task and he gets it done. His motivation stems from the heart. For him, it’s less about the cars and more about the people that drive them.

A Day in the Life: The Family Business Mom

We are a family business, and not just in the sense that Andrew and I are a husband and wife running a business, but because we are a family who truly cares about you and your family.

The Meaning of “Family Business” Success

When we say we value our customers we mean it…and we try hard to show it without being overbearing. We truly care about each individual customer. Most people do not expect this from an auto repair shop and, it seems by people’s reactions, many people have not experienced this previously at an auto repair shop.

Challenges and Changes in a Mom and Pop Shop [We Like Mike]

On June 1, 2016, we brought on Mike Traher to Marinelli Auto Service. As soon as we did, the phone began ringing off the hook to the point where we had to make another big decision: to add a second phone line, which was a significant addition to our monthly expenses. However, it was a lot better than constantly returning your phone messages or waiting for one of us to get off the phone in order to make an important call.

My Life as a Mechanic’s Wife

While I’ve never been opposed to working in a male dominant industry, it just never occurred to me (because of my interests and abilities) that I ever would. However, now that I am working alongside Andrew at the shop full-time, I’ve become increasingly aware that I’m a minority in this industry.

Does Your Car Pass the Mom Test?

We know that we, alone, cannot change the reputation of the whole auto repair industry…but we hope to at least change it for those who come through our shop – one car, one customer at a time. We want to be sure everything we do for you is good enough for Andrew’s mom (and Andrew loves his mom!).

How Marrying A Mechanic Changed My Life

As a little girl I imagined marrying a business man, much like my father. As a college student I was sure I’d marry a man doing full-time Christian ministry or a missionary. Instead, I married a mechanic. Even more to my surprise, my husband’s profession has become a part of my own identity, just as much as my own job has.