Why Your Vehicle Doesn’t Need a Tune Up

Tune up is an old term irrelevant to modern vehicles in most aspects. So, when you call a shop and say you need a tune up, you are going to get a different answer depending on the shop.

Understanding the Inner-workings of The Mechanic

Andrew is a resilient man – not impenetrable, but very humanly resilient. He commits to a task and he gets it done. His motivation stems from the heart. For him, it’s less about the cars and more about the people that drive them.

The Difference Between a Mechanic and a Craftsman

There’s a difference between “getting the job out of the door” and working with an approach of craftsmanship. Both approaches “get the job out,” but craftsmanship, while it usually takes longer, yields better long term results.

How Marrying A Mechanic Changed My Life

As a little girl I imagined marrying a business man, much like my father. As a college student I was sure I’d marry a man doing full-time Christian ministry or a missionary. Instead, I married a mechanic. Even more to my surprise, my husband’s profession has become a part of my own identity, just as much as my own job has.