Why Does My Mechanic Say He is Busy

Your vehicle is in the shop and you have questions that you believe only your mechanic can answer. You give him a call but he’s unavailable. What’s the deal? Why does my mechanic say he is occupied?

Our client services representative, Victoria, is good at talking with clients about their vehicles. She wears the hat of a service writer and many others. She’s good at her job and can answer a lot of your questions. However, sometimes you just need to talk to the mechanic. He knows the intricacies of your vehicle more than a service writer because he’s the one working on the machines day in and day out.

Why, then, when you ask Victoria if you can talk to Andrew does she say he’s occupied?

Your Mechanic is In Process

Many procedures, whether diagnostic testing and evaluation or repairs, take a lot of concentration. Interrupting that concentration can often mean that your mechanic would need to back track or even start over completely. 

There are some procedures where, once started, the mechanic just needs to see it through. There is simply no stopping point until the procedure is completed.

Additionally, it’s important for Andrew to be fully educated about the vehicles he’s working on. There are times when he’s working on a problem that isn’t straight forward and he needs to do research to pinpoint the problem and fix it properly. This kind of research often requires heavy concentration.

Trying to Meet a Deadline

When we give our clients a date of completion, we do everything in our power to honor that commitment. This arrangement helps to build trust with you, set expectations, and plan alternate transportation during the time your vehicle is in the shop.

If a vehicle is committed for the client to pick it up by the end of the day, at 3:00 pm your mechanic is likely working to wrap up the work. Therefore, if you call and ask for him, the service writer will tell you he’s unavailable. For that matter, it could be your vehicle he’s working to finish up.

The Service Writer Can Answer Your Questions

Yes, it would be really nice to be able to talk to the mechanic, but taking time away from what he’s doing is delaying the process on your vehicle or someone else’s. Many times the service writer is perfectly capable of answering your questions. Their job is to take care of you so that the mechanic can focus on moving the vehicles through the shop.

When your mechanic says he is occupied, not only is he unavailable to you, he’s also usually unavailable to the service writer. It’s not that he doesn’t care about you or doesn’t want to talk to you. He literally can’t. I encourage you to have patience and trust that he’s doing everything he can to care for you and your vehicle.

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