Why Your Vehicle Doesn’t Need a Tune Up

Tune up is an old term irrelevant to modern vehicles in most aspects. So, when you call a shop and say you need a tune up, you are going to get a different answer depending on the shop.

The Difference Between Labor Rate and A Mechanic’s Wages

I often see memes encouraging young people to consider trade school over college. It’s true that these tradesmen are needed and that a lot of them make good money. I usually comment, “Yes, a lot of these trades pay well, but auto repair doesn’t.” 

The Value of Time and Money

While we like the relationships we’ve built with our clients, we value honoring their time, and only seeing them as few times as possible throughout the year is one indicator that  we are doing our job well. Our goal is to remove the stress of going back and forth as much as possible.

How Ignored Timing Belts Cause Internal Engine Damage

Timing belts are a maintenance item that people often overlook, but it is actually just as important as getting your oil changed because it can cause major damage to your vehicle if it’s past due.

The Difference Between a Mechanic and a Craftsman

There’s a difference between “getting the job out of the door” and working with an approach of craftsmanship. Both approaches “get the job out,” but craftsmanship, while it usually takes longer, yields better long term results.

Understanding Your Auto Repair Bill: The Deal on Parts

Your mechanic hands you an estimate and explains what needs to be done – it’s an important repair that can’t wait. Six hours of labor and over $400 in parts. You want your family to be safe when they are in the vehicle, so you sign off on the work. Why am I paying so much on parts?

Understanding Your Auto Repair Bill: Why Your Mechanic Probably Isn’t Rich

Meet Joseph, a veteran auto technician (aka auto mechanic), highly experienced after 20 years in the industry. Surely, Joseph is rolling in the dough. Right? While a mechanic like Joseph may have both depth and breadth of knowledge as well as formidable mechanical skills, he may also be tied to a pay system which constantly contradicts his mastery.