What We’re Giving Thanks for in 2020

As this year seems to have turned the whole world upside down it can be difficult to easily grasp things that we’re thankful for. However, it is times like these more than any other to stop and grab onto even the littlest things that this year has warranted thanksgiving.

Dear Women – Love, The Mechanic’s Wife

When I hear you say, “I don’t like bringing my car to the mechanic because I don’t know when they are taking advantage of me,” I cringe. Ladies, we should not be having these experiences.

Working from Home with Kids

Schools, businesses, the entire entertainment industry – including the American’s beloved national and collegiate sports teams – shut down due to COVID-19. Now so many of us, if we’re blessed enough to still have a paying job, are working from home – myself included. Our kids are also at home because childcare and/or schools are closed (again, our family is no exception), which poses a conflict. How can I be productive working from home when my kids are home? You’re probably also asking, since my kids are not in school, how do I keep them engaged in academic activities so that they don’t fall behind once schools open again?

No Obstacle Unsurmountable

Business challenges affect our personal lives and our personal lives affect our business. That’s what happens when you run a small family business. And have a toddler. And are married to your only co-worker. And have customers that you genuinely care about. It’s hard to keep that balance.

The Littlest Mechanic

“Awe, look at that little mechanic in the making!,” is a comment that Andrew and I regularly hear from people when our son is in tow. In an effort to be polite, our response is often something like, “Well, we’ll see.” We realize people are just making “daddy’s little boy” conversation, however, it’s actually a challenging issue for us.