Dear Women – Love, The Mechanic’s Wife

When I hear you say, “I don’t like bringing my car to the mechanic because I don’t know when they are taking advantage of me,” I cringe. Ladies, we should not be having these experiences.

Keeping Your Car Healthy While You “Shelter in Place”

Just because you aren’t driving your vehicle, doesn’t mean you don’t need to keep up with it’s care…or maybe because you aren’t driving your vehicle that’s all the more reason to attend to it. There are several opportunities to get on top of your vehicle’s needs and some of them don’t even cost a single penny. 

Three Keys to Staying Safe When You Break Down

Ideally, if you take care of your vehicle properly, adhere to all of the items on your maintenance schedule in a timely manner, and have it inspected every few years, you can avoid a surprise breakdown. Even when necessary precautions are taken, you may still find yourself on the side of the road.

How Ignored Timing Belts Cause Internal Engine Damage

Timing belts are a maintenance item that people often overlook, but it is actually just as important as getting your oil changed because it can cause major damage to your vehicle if it’s past due.

The True Cost of Vehicle Ownership

You don’t have to look at a bill in panic when it comes to your car. There are ways you can plan ahead and, in many cases, have enough in your bank account to fully cover all the costs of owning and maintaining a vehicle.

Driving 300,000 Miles Takes More Than An Oil Change: Part 3

In this three part series so far I’ve covered why you should consider driving your car to 300,000 miles and how to maintain it well. In this final post, I want to share some advice on how to deal with inevitable unexpected repairs.

Driving 300,000 Miles Takes More Than An Oil Change: Part 1

When I bought my first car I was ignorant to believe that once the sale was final, all I needed to worry about was gas, oil changes, and insurance! I now know that the sale price of the vehicle is not the only investment. By also investing in truly maintaining my car, I can keep it running smoothly through 300,000 miles or more.

A Guide to Buying a Used Car

Buying a car, aside from choosing the right college and buying a house, is one of the most expensive purchasing decisions we make, and yet so many of us are in the dark as to what to look for. We often have more questions than we find answers, so I’d like to help ease your mind a little when making that all important decision.